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PLY Solutions | Silver Spring, MD | 301-467-2891 | The Essential Guide to Concrete Leveling: Mud Jacking and Polyurethane Foam Jacking

Concrete settlement is a typical issue that can affect pathways, driveways, patio areas, and also structures. Uneven or sunken concrete is not only undesirable yet also a prospective safety and security risk. If you’re dealing with these problems, you may have stumbled upon terms like mud jacking, polyurethane foam jacking, and piece jacking. These are […]

PLY Solutions | Silver Spring, MD | 301-467-2891 | Revitalize Your Property with Concrete Lifting: Understanding Your Options

If you’ve ever before located an irregular sidewalk or noticed a sunken driveway, you understand the frustration of taking care of sunken concrete. This usual concern not only diminishes the aesthetics of your residential or commercial property but also presents safety and security threats. Thankfully, there are effective solutions readily available, and PLY Solutions is […]